Real Estate with MLM Software

Real Estate with MLM Software

We are providing Best Real Estate Website and CRM with MLM Website Software across India.

We Provide MLM software based on binary income and generation income. With Customer Tracking, Analytical and Pictorial Presentation, Sales Report Generation, Tree Management, Capping Limit Management, Company Expenses, Binary PlanGeneration Plan, level PlanDay wise closing, Weekly Closing, Monthly Closing.

  • Real Estate Website (complete Dynamic)
  • Complete Property Management CRM
  • MLM Software

Features and Modules :-

  • Client Management
  • MIS Report
  • Multi Project Management
  • Multi Plot Booking Management
  • Sales Management
  • Account Management
  • Monthly Turnover Report
  • Closing System (Weekly, 10 Days, 15 days, Monthly)
  • Closing Report (Proper Date To Date)
  • All Report Download in (Excel Sheet) 
  • Wallet System
  • Payout History
  • Capping Limit Management

  • Panels :-

  • Admin Panel
  • Branch Panel
  • Account Panel
  • Sales Associate Panel
  • Client Panel

Income Plan :-

  • Binary Plan
  • Label Plan
  • Investment Plan
  • Nidhi Yojna
  • Property Plan with EMI Collection
  • Product Based MLM Plan